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The archives (professional touring)

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March 4th
1. Priorité a Gauche: The Greatest Hits

April 24th
2. Mackenzie Crook: Mr Bagshaw

June 20th
3. Peepolykus: Let The Donkey Go

September 16th
4. Under Milk Wood

October 7th
5. Trading Faces: Creaking Shadows


March 2nd
6. The Reduced Shakespeare Company: All The Great Books (abridged!)

April 27th
7. The Flirt Lab

October 5th
8. Perki & Mann: Squatting

November 10th
9. Eastern Angels: Hannah & Hanna

December 3rd
10. The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged!)


February 3rd
11. Kevin Tomlinson: On The Edge!

March 10th
12. Mark Goucher: Stones In His Pockets

November 9th
13. Bristol Old Vic: Private Peaceful

December 8th
14. The Reduced Shakespeare Company: Completely Hollywood (abridged!)


January 31st
15. Tim FitzHigham: The Paper Boat Show

February 9th
16. Gomito Productions: Not A Word

March 3rd
17. Gareth Jones: How Everything You Know Could Be Wrong

April 27th
18. Sketty Productions: Imogen

September 28th
19. Company Gavin Robertson: Message In A Bottle

October 6th
20. Perki & Mann: Spooked

November 3rd
21. How To Build A Time Machine

December 7th
22. Peter Searles: Hey Gringo! Through Peru


January 19th
23. The Little Howard Show

February 8th
24. Tim FitzHigham: In The Bath

March 2nd
25. Next On Theatre: Painters

April 27th
26. Pip Utton: Adolf

May 3rd
27. John Hegley: Uncut Confetti

September 27th
28. Toby Hadoke: Moths Ate My Dr Who Scarf

October 5th
29. Eastern Angels: Truck Stop

November 6th
30. Trestle Theatre Co: Little India


January 24th
31. Badac Theatre: Ashes To Ashes

February 1st
32. Potted Potter: The Unauthorised Harry Experience

February 29th
33. Gomito Productions: The Sun Dragon

April 11th
34. Unpacked Theatre: Funeral Games

September 12th
35. John Hegley: Beyond Our Kennel

October 3rd
36. Company Gavin Robertson: Spittoon

December 4th
37. Pluck! Musical Arson


January 30th
38. Think No Evil Of Us: My Life With Kenneth Williams

February 6th
39. The Reduced Shakespeare Company: The Bible

March 5th
40. Priorité á Gauche: Remastered

April 24th
41. My Grandfather's Great War

May 20th
42. Paper Birds: In A Thousand Pieces

June 1st
43. Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers: The Way Of The Drum

October 8th
44. Ikky Wakk, Cool Rules & Adventures in Anti-Cool

November 6th
45. Platform 4: The Tempest

December 4th
46. The Magnets


April 27th
47. Pip Utton: Adolf

September 4th
48. Theatre Of Widdershins: Arabian Nights, The Lost Tales of Sheherazade

September 17th
49. Whitebone Productions: Bane 1 & 2

October 1st
50. Actors Of Dionysus: Lysistrata

October 8th
51. Peter Snow: To War With Wellington

December 4th
52. New Perspectives Theatre Co: Farm Boy


January 22nd
53. Potted Productions: Potted Panto

February 11th
54. Lockerbie: Unfinished Business

February 28th
55. Fear And Misery Of The Third Reich

March 4th
56. Paper Birds: Others

March 12th
57. United Agents: Idiots Of Ants, This Means War!

May 5th
58. George Dillon: The Man Who Was Hamlet

May 7th
59. James Lark: The Snow Spider

May 14th
60. Little Howard & The Magic Pencil Of Life & Death

June 11th
61. Theatre Of Widdershins: Three Billy Goats Gruff & Other Furry Tails

July 15th
62. Tim FitzHigham: Gentleman Adventurer

September 30th
63. Delete The Banjax: Pigs & Ponies

October 3rd
64. Blackeyed Theatre: Oh! What A Lovely War

October 11th
65. Slingshot Theatre: The Zanniskinheads & The Quest For The Holy Balls

October 21st
66. Full House Theatre: The Snow Dog

November 1st
67. New Perspectives Theatre Co: Those Magnificent Men

December 3rd
68. Sherlock Holmes... the Death & Life

December 15th
69. Future Legend Theatre: The Glenn Miller Mystery


January 13th
70. Nunkie Theatre: A Pleasing Terror

February 24th
71. Icarus Theatre Collective: Macbeth

March 2nd
72. Blind Summit: The Table

July 14th
73. Pete Firman & Catie Wilkins

July 19th
74. United Agents: Idiots Of Ants

July 26th
75. Whitebone Productions: Bane 3

September 7th
76. Out Of The Box: Asena

September 22nd
77. Famous & Divine: Trying To Be Tom Waits

September 29th
78. Gomito Productions: The Alchemystorium

October 8th
79. The Boy With Tape On His Face: More Tape

October 13th
80. Rapunzel & The Tower Of Doom

October 17th
81. The Adventures of Alvin Sputnik: Deep Sea Explorer

November 8th
82. Idle Motion: The Seagull Effect


January 25th
83. Icarus Theatre Collective: Romeo & Juliet

March 7th
84. Flabbergast Theatre: Boris & Sergey's Vaudevillian Adventure

April 30th
85. The Wrong Crowd: The Girl With The Iron Claws

May 18th
86. Les Enfants Terribles: The Trench

June 8th
87. Bunk Puppets: Slapdash Galaxy

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